Perfect Betting at The Perfect Site Now

To make as much profit as possible with the use of your bet, it makes sense to think about a profit strategy for your first bet, in order to achieve as profitable as possible. That is why we want to introduce some strategies that have achieved good results in recent years.

Back and Lay

Back and Lay betting brings nice variation in the world of betting on sports. The “back” bets are the most common bets where you bet for the winnings of a team or athlete. The “Lay” bets are just the opposite where you bet that a team does not win. What is so nice about “lay” betting is that you are playing your own bookmaker on a betting exchange like with Wunderdog.

Combination bets or multiple bets

Combination bets have high odds because you combine multiple bets into one big bet. The odds are then always multiplied with each other so that the odds increase rapidly. Read more about combination betting. In case of double chance betting, you bet on a bookmaker on two results of a match that has three possible results. For example, you bet on winning and equal play for the same team in a match. This ensures lower risk, but also lowers odds with it. Read more about double chance betting.

Lucky 15 wed system

With the Lucky 15 bet system you place 15 bets on a number of matches in a large system bet. This form of betting pays out tremendously if you win everything and limit your risk if you do not win slot777. Wunderdog are bets where profit is insured. You place multiple bets with different bookmakers and because of the difference in odds you can make a guaranteed profit.

Betting on rest and end position

You can bet on the rest and the final city of that race in sports where a break is inserted. To make a profit, you must both predict the positions correctly.. With head to head bets you bet on the fact that one player will do something better than the other. For example, a player scores more goals in a competition than another player.

Last minute goal betting

Bet in the final minutes of the match in Wunderdog whether there will be a score. The later you bet the higher your odds and the higher your winnings can be with this form of betting on sports.

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