Poker Bots – Is there anything termed as Poker Bots?

There are a number of people who are literally concerned if the existence of poker bots in the online world is for real or fake. There has been talks related to this from the time poker room came into existence online over the internet, and there are hundreds of websites that in fact sell these poker bots and more number of websites are being added to this list on daily basis. So if you are a starter in the poker online world then it is certain not to make use of these bots as you can never be certain if they are real or fake. Websites are in fact selling these bots for as low as $ 15 to $ 20 so why would they in fact sell something for such a low cost if it can help you generate thousands of dollars. Most people are in fact attracted by the sales page these websites offer you with on their website.

So it is important to understand if……

Poker bots are effective to defeat any real player?

It is important that we understand if we are capable of developing this technology yet! The right answer can always be either ‘NO’ or ‘Yes’. When speaking of present technology, we can travel to other planets, so it is also possible to create any such poker Bots that can help in beating real poker player and be marked as best player online. This is a fact that does have living example but it certainly is not possible for anyone to try and create a space shuttle in your garage.

A number of University research students had in fact succeeded in creating one such poker bots that could beat any pro-poker player easily. The bots was in fact programmed by a team of experts, so creating such bots is not an impossible task. But at the same time you also have to understand that selling this expert for $ 20 might in fact next to impossible for anyone. Poker bots certainly make use of artificial intelligence so if there are websites that are selling AI for $ 20 then you can be sure that it is a scam. You just have to keep in mind that this certainly is also an insult for a number of players who are trying to play the game sincerely.

So does that mean…

Poker Bots might not have any possible existence?

….. in the Online world, are there any real poker bots playing the game against real players? There are a number of experts that trust that this word is only made use of by the website owners only. This is one of the ways they make use of for masking the liquidity of some of the best m88 players. This is one way that can help these websites to survive and beat the competition in the online world. There are yet a number of such websites that hardly like using such words. So, even if you are making use of any such software, there are chances that you might in fact be caught easily. The moment you are getting registered with any poker website, they manage to install a hook to your system along with the software. This is one way to catch if you are a real player playing the game or merely poker bots.

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