How to Clear Your Casino Bonuses Effectively

It’s no a secret that online casinos advertise huge bonuses to get players to sign up and start playing with them. Some casinos offer hundreds, if not thousands or “free” bonus money just for you to sign up and start playing. Sounds too good to be true, right?

It is often not advertised that your bonus money is released incrementally and that you can’t even withdraw any of your money until you earn a certain amount of points. Chances are, you have already signed up and deposited your money before they tell you this. But don’t worry. They are not trying to rip you off. They are just protecting themselves from fraud. They don’t want people signing up, taking the bonuses, withdrawing them and going to another casino.

To get all your eligible bonuses, you will have to play for a while or earn a lot of points if the casino operates on that system. However, how do you get the maximum amount of your bonus without losing it all while trying to clear it?

The answer is to grind away at high probability games and slowly earn those bonuses. This is not exciting and will not make you a million dollars but it is one of the only ways to actually earn your bonus without going bust.

What do I mean by grinding away at high probability games? It means playing the games that have the smallest house edge and playing them mathematically perfect, so you lose the least amount of money.

If you think you can effectively clear a bonus by playing Slot or Craps, you are wrong. Sure, if you go on a hot streak, you can clear some of the bonus but chances are, you will go bust and never get your whole bonus.

The easiest way to clear a bonus is to play blackjack. This game usually has the smallest house edge. All you have to do is go find a blackjack probability chart and play by those rules. The probability chart will show you the mathematically correct decision for each action you have to make at the blackjack table. If you follow those rules exactly, in the long run, you will have a win rate that is almost the same as the house advantage. It will take a while to clear your bonus but you will gain valuable experience and will clear the maximum amount of your bonus.

If playing blackjack seems a little too difficult for you, head over to the craps table. Don’t even think about making complicated bets here, though. Place a standard bet size on black/red or on odd/even. These bets are almost 50/50, and if you are lucky, you might come out ahead. You will pretty much keep an even bankroll but you will rack up the bonus points that allow you to collect your bonus money pretty quickly.

Almost all the other casino games are not ideal for clearing casino bonuses. They offer too much variation and the opportunity to lose money. This is fine if you are playing with your own money but if you are trying to clear a bonus, it is not what you are looking for.

Clearing a bonus can be difficult but if you stick to a plan, you can receive all the bonus money that was promised to you when you signed up. If you play reckless, you will lose most of your money and not even see a dollar of your bonus. Just play smart, play consistent and have fun!

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